Using a Counting Chart to learn to Identify Numbers

My 5 year old will be in kindergarten in the fall. We’ve been working on identifying numbers between 1-100.  I will randomly ask her a number, and she has to point to the number.  You can write out the numbers 1-100 to do this activity, or you can use a pre-made Number chart.

counting to 100 chart for kids

An Idea to Help Make Identifying Numbers 1-100 More Fun

I told my daughter the ages of different family members such as my age, my husband’s age,  my parents’ ages,  etc. I would tell her the age of a particular person, and then have her find the person’s age on the chart.  Instead of JUST calling out random numbers for your child to find on the chart, try to make the numbers more relatable.   Have them find his/her own age, the ages of his/her siblings, etc.

Start with a smaller group of Numbers

Before using a chart that has ALL the counting numbers 1-100, you can start with a smaller set of numbers.  For example, write down the numbers 1-20, and randomly call out numbers for your child to point to. Maybe next you want to have the numbers 1-30.

Using a Counting Chart to Help Kids Identify Numbers

How to use the Chart to Count by 2s, 5s, 10s

You can print off the Chart several different times.  If you want your child to practice counting by 2s, have them highlight or lightly color every other number.  Then have them count and point to the numbers while counting by 2s.  On a different copy of the chart, have the child to highlight or lightly color the numbers 5, 10, 15, 20, 25,…. (the multiples of 5).  Then have them count by 5s and point to the colored numbers.  You can do the same type of thing to have your child practice counting by 10s.

Go here to get a Chart you can use to help your child learn his/her numbers 1-100.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Multiplication Game

Do you also have an older child who needs to practice his/her multiplication facts.  Check out a game that also incorporates the Rock, Paper, Scissors Multiplication game.

multiplication game for kids

Give this game a try! You can go here to get it.

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multiplication game for kids