Try this Multiplication Game for Kids

Is your child struggling when working with fractions?  Does long division take him an EXTREMELY LONG time?  Is having a hard time working with multiplying decimals?  Maybe a root cause of many of his math problems is not having memorized his multiplication facts.

Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts

There are several ways to practice multiplication facts, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that your child memorizes them if you want them to do well in math.  Some of the ways your child can practice multiplication include using:

  • Flash cards
  • Drill pages
  • having someone call the facts out to the child
  • Multiplication Games

Are you in search of a multiplication game to practice multiplication facts? Try this game that incorporates the rock, paper, and scissors game!

Rock, Paper, Scissors Multiplication Game

One game your child can use to practice multiplication facts is a Rock, Paper, Scissors Multiplication game with Math Boss.

multiplication game for kids


How to Play Rock, Paper, Scissors Multiplication Game

Items Needed:

Multiplication game cards with Rock, Paper, Scissors symbols on them.  You can get those here.

Scissors to cut out cards

Number of players:  2

Instructions:  Each student is issued 7 multiplication cards with the rock, paper, and scissors symbols on them.  The students simultaneously say  “rock, paper, scissors, shoot.”  When the players say “shoot”, both players are to put down a card of their choice.  Rock beats scissors.  Scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock.  Very importantly, each player is to keep her finger over the multiplication answer on her card so that her opponent doesn’t see the answer on her card. The loser of the rock, paper, scissors asks the winner the multiplication problem on the loser’s card.  If the winner correctly answers the problem, she collects the pair of cards. Otherwise the pair is discarded.  The person with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

Give this game a try! You can go here to get it.

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