Tips When Picking a Science Fair Project Idea

So your child is going to be in the science fair, but what are some things to consider when she is picking a project?

Pick An Area of Interest of Your Child

I would assume that your child will probably be spending a substantial amount of time on her project, so let her pick something that interests her.

Also, the judges may ask your child questions about her project. A good tip I learned from this youtuber is that it will probably be easier for the child to talk about the project if it’s a topic that relates to her.

tips when picking a science fair project idea

Don’t Think It Has to Be Something Complicated

Your child’s science fair project doesn’t have to be complicated.  She SHOULD be testing something, but don’t think she has to do something overly complicated.  Also, while we want to challenge our children, we don’t want the topic to be so over their heads that WE end up doing the project for them.  While it is totally ok to help your child with her project (unless otherwise stated), remember to try to let your child take the lead as much as possible.  Whatever the project, make sure that the child is following the scientific method, that she doesn’t rush to do her project, but that she does a good job.

Narrowing Down the Topic

Perhaps you’ve let your child watch some youtube videos to get some ideas, or maybe you all have been on Pinterest.  I suggest picking several ideas and figuring out which idea is best.  For each idea, have them write down the following

  • the general idea
  • the outcome she plans to observe
  • how she plans to measure the outcome

If these things can’t be pretty easily written down, then either encourage the child to see how the idea could be revised so that she can list for example what she will be observing or suggest that perhaps one of her other ideas where she could list these things may be a better path.

Whatever project your child does, try to remember to let her have fun while she is doing her project!

Tips for Picking a Science Fair Project

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