STEM Book: Rex Wrecks It!

Building and Tearing Down Can Both Be Great Fun!

A great book to inspire your little ones that building can be fun is called Rex Wrecks It!  This book is about a group of friends who build things with blocks but everytime they build something, Rex, a dinosaur, wrecks it.  They think the solution to their problem is to include Rex in the building process, thinking that if he helps to build, he won’t wreck it.

This book teaches a great lesson about compromise.

STEM book: Rex Wrecks It

It is a very cute book.  Kids should have fun tinkering, building, and sometimes taking things apart.

STEM Book: Rex Wrecks It

The Ratings From My Kids For the Book

My 6 year old son gives this book 5 stars.  He enjoyed it when Rex wrecked stuff, and he enjoyed the somewhat surprise ending (I won’t give it away!)

My 9 year old daughter gives this book 3 stars.  She did think it was funny, but it appeals more to younger kids.

Free Engineering Website to Introduce Your Kids to Architecture and Engineering

After you have read Rex Wrecks It, you can teach your kids about the differences between architects and engineers on the website  My kids and I talked about the differences between these professions and how they work together to construct a building using this awesome website.  Check out our adventure here.

Introduce Your Kids to Architects and Engineers

Another way you can inspire you kids to be little builders is to introduce them to individuals in these professions.  Contact a friend or a friend of a friend who is an architect or an engineer.  Ask them to come speak to your child’s class or your homeschool group.  It’s a great way for your child to ask a real engineer or architect what he does on his job.  One of the moms in our co-op invited an engineer from John Deere to come speak to our STEM class.  You can read about some of the things the engineer told our STEM class and a great take away from the talk here.

So start your next STEM day with Rex Wrecks It, and then let your kids have a great time building and tearing down!

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