STEM Book: Engineer Academy

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Enroll Your Child in Engineer Academy

Are you ready to enroll your kids in Engineer Academy?  My kids have already enrolled.  🙂  The great thing is the “tuition” is very cheap because you can enroll them in this academy by getting them an engineering book for kids!  It’s called Engineer Academy.  This book teaches your kids about different types of engineering such as Mechanical, Aerospace, Robotics, Energy, and Material engineering.

Activities Suggested And Stickers When Your Child Succeeds

For a particular type of engineering, the book tells the child what that type of engineer does.  Then is has them to do one or more activities in that field of engineering.  Once the child completes an activity, there is a place for them to place a sticker to indicate that they have completed the activity. What child doesn’t like stickers?!!  I like that there is a way for the child to mark his achievement.

At the end of the section, there is a place for the child to put his name on a page that looks like a certificate that says that he/she is now qualified as an engineer in that field.  On the certificate it also lists the skills the child has learned about in that particular field.

STEM Book: Engineer Academy

Example Activity

From a lever activity my children did, they learned that if you have a lever such as a seesaw, if you want the seesaw to balance, the longer arm has to be on the side with the smaller weight while the fulcrum has to be closer to the heavier side of the seesaw.  For this activity there is a place in the book for the children to record their findings for different amounts of weights.

Runway Race Game

At the end of the book is a game called Runway Race.  It folds out of the book, so it is quite big.  The goal of the game is to be the first person to take off from the airport. The cool thing is that game pieces are also included.

STEM book: Engineer Academy


Tips of Things You Can Teach Your Budding Engineer

After your child completes Engineer Academy, there are some areas you can concentrate on if you feel your child is a budding engineer.  Check out my blog post STEM with Purpose:  5 Things You Can Expose Your Budding Engineer To where I share 5 tips my brother who is a Mechanical engineering graduate from MIT shared with me.

Other Academy Books

I recommend getting the book Engineer Academy.  There also other books in this series including Architect Academy, Vet Academy, and Astronaut Academy.  Go enroll your little ones in one of these academies today and have some fun making memories and learning at the same time!



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