STEM Activity for Kids: Enter a Science Fair


A STEM Activity that your kids can be a part of is to have them to  enter a science fair.  Having your child enter a science fair can lead to so many teachable moments.  You can introduce your child to the idea of a REAL experiment where he tests something.  The concepts of making scientific guesses, observations, and summarizing his findings can also be introduced.

stem activity science fair for kids

Create Your Own Science Fair if Your Child is Homeschooled or Your Child’s School Doesn’t Offer One

Ok, so you may be saying my child’s school doesn’t do a science fair, or perhaps you homeschool your child.  Don’t let either of those scenarios stop you if you really want your child to have the experience of being in a science fair.  Another homeschool mom and I have decided to host a science fair this coming spring.  If your child is homeschooled or if your child’s traditional school is not hosting a science fair, create your own science fair.   You can just have the science fair for your children, or you can invite other children to participate in the fair.  Recently, I talked to my children about what an experiment is.  I emphasized to them that they needed to be testing something in their experiments.  We talked about that for example, if they wanted to do an experiment with airplanes, that only one factor should be changed during their testing.  For example, they could choose to vary the design of several airplanes.  If it is the design they decide to change then they need to use the same type of material to make each airplane and the same person needs to toss the airplanes.  We talked about how that if they varied two factors then they would not know which factor was causing the differences.  Stay tuned as I talk more about the science fair my children will be participating in.  We have scheduled the fair for May 1, 2020.

stem activity science fair for kids

Train Your Child to be a Problem Solver

Having your child do a project for a science fair can be a great opportunity to have them explore an area they are interested in.  Also, doing a science experiment can be used as a problem solving experience.  Based on the child’s initial guess (hypothesis) and the resulting conclusion, you could have the child experiment with trying to change conditions to see if the results will be different.  While it is fine to do merely fun science projects with your kids, try to also include STEM activities that will encourage your child to become a better problem solver.

Let’s take time to create great memories with our children.  🙂


A List of More STEM Activities

Want More STEM Activities You Can Do with Your Kids?  Check out Get Your Kids Involved in STEM Activities.

Encourage Your Child to be a STEM Problem Solver with STEM books

Do you want to encourage your kids to be little inventors?  Check out the first book in a kids’ fictional STEM series that I wrote called Anna, Kid Engineer.  Read about Anna’s experience in a science fair.  Encourage your child to be creative, inventive, and to not give up!

You can purchase the pdf ebook on my website, or you can purchase the physical book on Amazon.

STEM book for kids

Andre, Kid Aviator is the 2nd book in the STEM series for kids.  In Andre, Kid Aviator, the STEM Club Andre is a part of is presented with a problem.  Check out this book to see if the club is able to solve the problem.  Encourage your kids to be problem solvers!  You can purchase the ebook of Andre, Kid Aviator here.

The physical book of Andre, Kid Aviator is also available on Amazon.



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