Squaring a Negative Number and the Order of Operations

It is important that your child understands how to use the order of operations correctly. Remember that PEMDAS stands for

  • Parentheses,
  • Exponents
  • Multiplication/Division (whichever comes first as you are reading left to right)
  • Addition/Subtraction (whichever comes first as you are reading left to right).

An Easy to Make Error

Many students have problems differentiating between (-4)^2 versus -4^ 2 (where ^ means that the number behind it is an exponent).

On (-4)^2, remind the student that parentheses comes before exponents so you are squaring -4 so the answer is 16. However in -4^2, exponents comes before subtraction or negating something so you are only squaring 4, which is 16. THEN you are negating that so the final answer is -16.

What about when you have an Odd exponent

Suppose you have (-2)^3 versus -2^3? Is there a difference. With (-2)^3, you are cubing -2, which is -8. In -2^3, you are cubing 2, which is 8, then you are negating that, so you get -8. So when the exponent is odd, you get the same answer.


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