Rufus Blasts Off

Encourage Your Kids to Keep Trying

If you want a book that teaches your kid to persevere, then check out Rufus Blasts Off!  It starts out with Rufus being a pirate.  His pirate chest is filled with a different type of treasure, BOOKS!  The Captain decides that he wants a new story.  After looking at the moon and the stars, Rufus decides he’ll go to space to find a new story.

Rufus is told that pigs do NOT go into space.  Rufus tries different things until the answer is yes and not NO! As little STEMists sometimes our kids will have to try something many times before they succeed. We have to teach our kids to persevere. Even if someone tells them they can’t do something, they have to keep trying if it’s something they really want to do.

STEM Book: Rufus Blasts Off

The book has nice engaging illustrations.

STEM book: Rufus Blasts Off

The Rating from my Kids of the Book

My 6 year old son gives the book 4 stars.  He liked that Rufus started out as a pirate and ended up as an astronaut.

My 9 year old daughter only gave he book 2 stars, primarily because it wasn’t funny to her.

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