Some Problems to Practice Before Taking Algebra 1

Is your child soon to take Algebra 1?  Do you want to make sure that she is ready without a bunch of holes in his math education?  What kinds of things am I going over with my daughter?

A reason I believe many students struggle with higher level math classes is because of having so many holes in their math education.  Recently, I have started going writing out some problems for my daughter to go over who is nearing the end of 6th grade.

Working with Units

Students should be able to determine the units of their answer whether they are adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing.

Some recent problems I made up for my daughter included:

  1. 12 inches + 6 inches
  2. (5 meters)(7 meters)
  3. (36 inches^2)/12 inches)
  4. 25 inches – 10 inches
  5. (4 inches)(4 inches)(4 inches)
  6. (3 meters)^2

pre algebra help for kids

Adding and Subtracting Integers

Your child should be able to add and subtract a series of integers with ease.  She should not stumble if given something such as -3 – (-4) + 8.  A couple more problems I gave to my daughter recently included:

  1. 10 – 15 + 3 – (-2)
  2. -(-2) + 5 + 12 – 7


Completing Calculations with Positive and Negative Fractions

Before beginning Algebra 1, your child should be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions with ease.  Recently, I gave my daughter the following problems to work on:

  1. (1/2) – (-3/4)
  2. (-4/3)(9/2)
  3. (-1/3) + (2/5)  – (4/9)

Does Your Child Need to Brush Up on Some Concepts Before Taking Algebra 1?

If your child is struggling and you know Algebra 1 is soon around the corner?  Do you need help identifying possible holes in your child’s math education?

Does your child need help with some foundational concepts?  Let me know what types of problems you’d like some help with so that you can help your child. 🙂



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