Game to Practice Addition Facts with Your Kids

Is your child struggling with subtracting multiple digit numbers? Let me ask you has he memorized his addition facts?

Memorizing his addition facts is very important.  For example, knowing his addition facts well should greatly aid him in working with subtraction.

When else will having Memorized Addition Help?

You don’t want your child to struggle later because he didn’t learn well his addition facts.  Knowing his addition facts will aid him later when he does:
  • long division
  • has to add and subtract fractions
  • has to add and subtract decimals
  • has to add and subtract integers
1. When the child starts with long division later, you don’t want him struggling with the subtraction part of the process.  Again, having memorized his addition facts should help him.
2. Later, when dealing with adding and subtracting fractions, he will have to have to add or subtract the numerators once he has like fractions.
3.When working with adding and subtracting decimals,  again,  he will have to add and subtract.
4. When the child starts working with adding and subtracting integers, again, it’s important that he knows his addition and subtraction facts well. You don’t want your child dependent on a calculator to have to do calculate addition and subtraction facts.

addition game for kids

Ideas to Practice Addition Facts

To practice addition facts you can try
  • Flash cards
  • Timed Drills
  • Verbally just calling the facts out to the child
  • Games
  • Math apps
game to practice addition for kids

Are you in search of an addition game to practice addition facts? Try this game that incorporates the rock, paper, and scissors game!

Rock, Paper, Scissors Addition Game

One game your child can use to practice addition facts is a Rock, Paper, Scissors Addition game with Math Boss.

How to Play Rock, Paper, Scissors Multiplication Game

Items Needed:

Addition game cards with Rock, Paper, Scissors symbols on them.  You can get those here.

Scissors to cut out cards

Number of players:  2

Instructions:  Each student is issued 7 addition cards with the rock, paper, and scissors symbols on them.  The students simultaneously say  “rock, paper, scissors, shoot.”  When the players say “shoot”, both players are to put down a card of their choice.  Rock beats scissors.  Scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock.  Very importantly, each player is to keep her finger over the addition answer on her card so that her opponent doesn’t see the answer on her card. The loser of the rock, paper, scissors asks the winner the addition problem on the loser’s card.  If the winner correctly answers the problem, she collects the pair of cards. Otherwise the pair is discarded.  The person with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

Give this game a try! You can go here to get it.

A Game to Practice Multiplication

Has your child already memorized his addition facts but needs to work on memorizing his multiplication facts?  Then check out the Multiplication Rock, Paper, Scissors Game!

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