Activities that Include Math to try During the Quarantine

Are you looking for activities for your kids during the quarantine that also incorporate some math?   Check out the ideas.

Play Hopscotch

Do you have an elementary aged child and some concrete??  Then break out the chalk and play hopscotch!  You can have the child practice counting with this game.  Does your child already know how to count by 1s?  Then mix it up a little, have your squares count by 2s, 5s, or 10s.

Play a Multiplication Game that incorporates the Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

Does your child need to review his multiplication facts? Check out this multiplication game that incorporates the rock, paper, scissors game as well!

Figure out the Circumference of Your Hula-Hoop and then Compete

Go through the exercise of calculating the circumference of your child’s hula hoop.  Remember to find the circumference of a circle you multiply the number π by the diameter, d,  so that C =π d  or you can do C = 2πr where r is the radius of the circle.  The radius is 1/2 of the diameter.  For π, you can use the approximation 3.14.

After you calculate the circumference, have a hula hoop competition!

activities that include math for kids during quarantine

Make a Toy After Measuring the Diameter of a Paper Towel Roll

Instead of a using a hula-hoop, you can measure the diameter of the end of a paper towel roll, and figure out its circumference.  Remember to tell your kids about how there’s a number called pi!  After you all figure out the approximate circumference, have a competition where you challenge your kids to make a toy out of the paper towel roll.  They can make a marble run, a musical instrument, or any number of things!

Guess the Distance Game

Select different places, and let your children guess how far away each place is. You can just type the location into Google maps to determine how far away the location is. I had my three oldest children play this game. They guessed the distances from our house to my sister’s house, my brother’s house, Disney World, and the Grand Canyon!

Play a Multiplication Memory Game

Make your own memory game.  On one set of cards write some multiplication facts. (You can use paper or construction paper to make your cards.)  On another set of cards, write the answers to each multiplication fact.  You can decorate the back sides of the cards.  Then turn over your cards, mix them up, and play the memory game.  In the memory game, you have to match the multiplication fact with the answer. The person with the most sets of matches wins.

Activities that Include Math to Try During the Quarantine

Play Musical Chairs and Add Some Math

Play musical chairs as you normally would but add a twist for a chance to get back in the game.  The person who doesn’t get a chair when the music stops, give him or her the chance to get back in the game by answering a certain number of math problems in an allotted amount of time.  For example, you could say the child has to answer 5 multiplication problems in 20 seconds in order to get back into the game.  Determine before the game starts how many times they will be allowed to do this (maybe they are only given a chance to get back in the game twice).

Let Them Help You Cook

Let your kids help you make a healthy snack.  My daughter enjoys making gluten free banana bread.  I don’t know about you but I buy a LOT of bananas when I go grocery shopping and usually they don’t all get eaten before some start turning brown.

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