Make STEM Fun: Live Science Theater

This week the kids and I went and saw a Live Science Theater show, and it was good!  It was entertaining and educational.  Remember to mix things up sometimes, and do something DIFFERENT.


he scientist was also an entertainer. There were lots of smiling kids and adults in the place!  Not only was the show entertaining, the scientist also gave scientific explanations of things in his show.   He did some cool demonstations. For example, at the beginning of his show, he encouraged students that if they smelled a rotten egg smell in their homes to leave.  He showed them what could happen if there was a natural gas leak.  It was pretty cool.

make stem fun

My son has particularly be interested in learning more science lately, so I am glad that he was able to see this live show! It turned out that my son had recently made an air cannon, something the scientist also made in his show.  The scientist’s cannon was WAY bigger though.

make stem fun

Not only was the show entertaining, but the scientist talked about all kinds of scientific terms.  Some of the things  he talked about were:

  • natural gas
  • calibration
  • polymers
  • air pressure
  • acid and bases
  • chemical reactions
  • catalyst
  • exothermic reaction

What Can You Do After Seeing Such a Show

After taking your kids to see a show like this, you could explore one or more of the ideas talked about.  A cool youtube channel to check out that takes science ideas and does them on a LARGE scale is Science Max on Youtube.  My children have been enjoying watching this scientist lately.  I like that the scientist on Science Max also teaches during his videos.  He’s also very entertaining!

Keep inspiring your kids to want to learn.  Read to them.  Explore new subjects.  Ask them what types of things they want to learn.  Nurture the gifts that they have.

A List of More STEM Activities

Want More STEM Activities You Can Do with Your Kids?  Check out Get Your Kids Involved in STEM Activities.

Encourage Your Child to be a STEM Problem Solver with STEM books

Do you want to encourage your kids to be little inventors?  Check out the first book in a kids’ fictional STEM series that I wrote called Anna, Kid Engineer. Encourage your child to be creative, inventive, and to not give up!

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STEM book for kids

Andre, Kid Aviator is the 2nd book in the STEM series for kids.  In Andre, Kid Aviator, the STEM Club Andre is a part of is presented with a problem.  Check out this book to see if the club is able to solve the problem.  Encourage your kids to be problem solvers!  You can purchase the ebook of Andre, Kid Aviator here.

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