Kid Entrepreneurs Use Math

Some kids ask the age old question, when will I use math? Even if they don’t choose to be a mathematician, an engineer, or an architect, people in a wide range of careers use math.

A way to show your kids how math can be used and is needed is by having them start their own business.

Your Child is a Problem Solver

Some of the most successful businesses are those that solve a problem.  So one of the first talks you can have with your child is to show him that he is already a problem solver. What problems has he solved before?

What Type of Business Should my Child Start?

Having your child to start a business can lead to many teaching moments.  I don’t suggest having your child start just any business.  I would suggest having him or her to start a business in an area in which he or she has an interest.

An Opportunity to be Featured:

I plan to feature some kid entrepreneurs on my website! Go here to see the submission process.  I will  be selecting different kids to feature on my website!

Advice from Entrepreneurs

Check out interviews from Entrepreneurs as a way to help to inspire your kids to be entrepreneurs!  I have been blessed to be able to connect with some entrepreneurs willing to share part of their story with you.

The first interview is with Mark from Christian Homeschool Entrepreneurship.  Go learn more about his business as he answered some interview questions.

The second interview is with Rebecca a doTerra Wellness Advocate.  Go check out advice from Rebecca.

Don’t forget to Email me about Your Kid Entrepreneur

Are you the parent of a kid entrepreneur, and you’d love to get him/her more exposure for their business, then go here to see the process for submitting information about your kid and his/her business. Thanks!
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