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Are you the parent of a kid entrepreneur?  I am going to be featuring kid entrepreneurs on my website!  Is your child asking “When am I going to use math in real life?”  If so, then SHOW him that math is used in MANY areas of life such as in entrepreneurship!  If you’re the parent of a kid entrepreneur and you’d love to get some exposure for your child’s business then keep reading. 🙂

I am going to be selecting some kid entrepreneurs to feature on my blog.

kid entrepreneur math

If you are interested here are the steps to make a submission:

  1. Subscribe to my newsletter if you aren’t already. You can sign up using the form at the bottom.
  2. Fill out the kid-entrepreneur-release-form.  Then just take a picture of the filled out release form and email it back to me at
  3. Have your kid entrepreneur answer the following questions. The questions and answers should be emailed back to me at WITH the RELEASE FORM. In the email, please put as your subject KID ENTREPRENEUR SUBMISSION.
1. What is the name of your business, and what do you sell?
2. What do you like about entrepreneurship?
3. What tips can you give other kids who want to start a business?
4. If people are interested in your product, how can they purchase it?
Please understand that every child whose information is submitted will not be featured, but I hope to feature many kids.
Comment below with great jobs for kid entrepreneurs!




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