Incorporating Biblical Activities into your Homeschooling

Are you a Christian homeschooling family and you would like to incorporate more Biblical activities into your homeschool day and want some ideas?  As a parent, I believe that one of the most important jobs that we have is to teach our children the Word of God.  We want them to hide the Word of God in their hearts that they might not sin against Him.  We want them to delight themselves in His Word, and to hunger and thirst after it.  We want the joy of the Lord to be their strength.  We want them to desire the things that God desires.  

ideas for Biblical Activities for homeschoolingPraying for Missionaries

One activity that you can incorporate into your homeschooling is to pray for missionaries.   What I do is to go to the instagram page of  UPCImissions and find a country to pray for.  You can also incorporate geography by showing your children the country on a map.  Another idea is to find a video about the country so that you and the children can learn more about the country.  This can also possibly help you to learn about some possible things you could pray for concerning the country.

Teach Your Children Christian Songs

Another idea is to have a time to teach your children Christian songs.  I like to teach my children songs we used to sing at my church when I was growing up. Some of the songs we sing are “I’m a Promise, I’m a Possibility,” “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus,” and “Father Abraham.” I also let the children take turns picking a song they want to sing.  A song my children enjoy is WaveWalker.  They were introduced to this song at church recently.  

Use Alphabet Bible Verse Flash Cards

Do you have a child who still needs to learn the sounds of the letters?  You can use Christian alphabet flash cards.  A child that young may not memorize the scripture, but it’s an additional way you can speak the Word to your child.  

alphabet Bible verse flash cards

Assign Your Child a Scripture Card for the Day or Week

You can assign your child a scripture card for the day or week.  The child can put the scripture card on his or her desk on an easel or in a picture frame.  You can encourage your child to think about the scripture over and over and perhaps even memorize it.

scripture cards for kids

Read Books about Christians

I have read from the book Pilot Bennie’s Amazing Amazon Adventures to my children.  I’m also hoping to read to them More Amazon Adventures with Pilot Bennie.  Another book I’m interested in is God Quest:  The Elliot Chronicles.  

Have Your Child Memorize Bible Verse

I think that it is very important for our children to memorize Bible verses.  We want them to know the scriptures by heart so they can more easily encourage themselves.  We want them to be able to use The Word as a weapon against the enemy as well.  One thing I use to help my children memorize Bible verses is make up songs for some verses.  

So no worries, you don’t have to implement many activities all at once, but start somewhere.  Please don’t think that I use all of these activities with my children.  I encourage you though to make a commitment to make it a priority to have Biblical activities as part of your child’s daily life.  Perhaps start with 1-2 Biblical activities, and try to start incorporating those activities regularly into your child’s day.

Be blessed. 🙂


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