Homeschooling During the Holiday Season

One of the things I enjoy the most about homeschooling is the flexibility that comes along with homeschooling.  We can homeschool anytime of the day and anywhere.  There have been plenty of times when homeschooling work was done in the car….lol.

I also think that it is cool that doing “school” work doesn’t just have to mean that we are doing math, reading, science, or history from a textbook.  Learning can happen in so many different non-traditional ways. Recently, the children were able to see and sit in a private plane and hear about flying from a man at church who has a plane!

If you are a homeschooling parent, while I DO NOT suggest putting aside the kids’ formal education from Thanksgiving until the New Year, I do want to encourage you to explore the true meaning of the season perhaps using some non-formal methods.

homeschooling thru the holidays

Check out Life of a Homeschooling  Mom’s Homeschooling Thru the Holidays series to get tips on some things you may want to incorporate into your Homeschooling this Holiday season. I was one of the contributors to the blog series, and beginning, Monday, December 16, you can read my post about Homeschooling While Making Homemade Gifts.

Take time this Holiday season to teach the kids about thankfulness, make some awesome memories, and share with them the amazing story of the birth of Jesus and the story of redemption.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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