Help Your Kids Who Are Struggling in Math

Many areas of life require your child to do math.  We want to make sure that they have a strong math foundation. Do you need help trying to figure out where to begin? Does your child need to review some Pre-Algebra topics? Does your child need some tips for solving word problems?

Check out these posts for help in math.

Help Your Child by Filling In Math Holes

Where to Start When Filling in Math Gaps

Need a starting place of things to check that your child is proficient in?  Check out one of these posts.

Try This Multiplication Game for Kids

Is your child struggling to learn his multiplication facts.  Try this multiplication game that incorporates the rock, paper, scissors game!

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Some Problems to Practice Before Taking Algebra 1

Do you want your child to take Algebra 1? You want to make sure they have mastered certain types of problems before they take Algebra 1.  Here are some problems I recently gave to my daughter to practice.

Creating Strong Kids in Math is Related to STEM

Many STEM majors require the student to take high level math classes. If your child is saying he wants to be things such as an engineer, architect, or chemist, make sure she has a strong math foundation.

How to Solve a Proportion

It is important that your child knows how to solve a proportion as a part of his Pre-Algebra training.  Make sure they know that they can set the cross products equal.

Help Your Kids Struggling in Math

Can Zero be the Numerator or Denominator of a Fraction?

Your child needs to know if zero can be the numerator or denominator of a fraction.  There’s an easy trick to remember which it is.

Learn How to Change a Percent to a Fraction

Is your child struggling to change a percent to a fraction? If so, check out this post.

How to Find the Percent of a Number

Does your child need help with finding the percent of a number?

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Tips to Solving Word Problems

Need some tips to help you child with solving word problems?

How to Add Unlike Fractions

Check this post out if your child is struggling with adding unlike fractions.

Squaring a Negative Number and the Order of Operations

Your child should understand how to handle squaring a negative number.  Check out this post.

20 Possible Holes in Your Child’s Math Education

Is your child in 6th grade or higher, and he is struggling with math?  Do you need help identifying possible holes in your child’s math education?  Check out the ebook 20 Possible Holes in Your Child’s Math Education. Here is a sample page.

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20 Possible Math Holes in Your Child's Math Education

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