Get Your Kids Involved in STEM Activities

Do you have a child interested in engineering?

STEM With Purpose:  5 Things to Expose Your Budding Engineer to

Want a list of things you can expose your child to who is interested in engineering?

Train Problem Solvers by Giving Your Kids Problems to Solve

Whether your child wants to be an engineer or a baker, he will need to be a problem solver.  Challenge him now by giving him problems to solve!

STEM Activity: Make Your Own Foosball Table

Let your kids make their own toys such as a foosball table!

Encourage STEM By Playing with Your Kids

Kids enjoy playing with their parents.  Incorporate STEM activities in your play time.  Let them show YOU how to play with building blocks.

STEM Challenges Including Engineering Tidbits

Give your child some engineering challenges using their building blocks.

stem activities that solve problems

Get Your Kids Involved in a Science Fair

STEM Activity for Kids:  Enter a Science Fair

Is your child really into science?  Consider having him or her enter a science fair.  No science fair in your area?  Create your own.

How to Create a Science Fair Project

Do you need tips on how to create a science fair project versus just a science demonstration?

Tips When Picking a Science Fair Project Idea

So your child has decided to enter the science fair, but you need some help on how to narrow down a science fair project idea?

stem activity science fair for kids


Let Your Kids Be Little Inventors

Anna, Kid Engineer Book

Encourage your kids to be little inventors with this STEM fictional book for kids.  The first book in a series!

Ideas of Things to Include in a Tinker Box from Someone with an Engineering Degree

Get some ideas of things to include in a tinker box from someone with an engineering degree!

STEM Simplified:  Create an Inventor’s Box

Do you have a child who likes to make things?  Create an inventor’s box for him and let him see what he can come up with.

Inspire Kids with STEM Book

Encourage Your Kids to be Little Chemists

Have Your Kids Make Elderberry Syrup

Let your child do some chemistry in the kitchen, and encourage them to do some do some investigative research.

Expose Your Kids to STEM Events or Activities Outside of the House

Make STEM Fun:  Live Science Theater

Mix things up a bit, and REALLY make STEM fun for your kids!  Take them to a live science theater show!

Make Sure Your Kids Have a Strong Math Foundation

Creating Strong Kids in Math is Related to STEM

Many STEM majors require the student to be strong in math, so make sure your child has a strong math foundation.

Encourage Your Child to be a STEM Problem Solver with STEM books

Do you want to encourage your kids to be little inventors?  Check out the first book in a kids’ fictional STEM series that I wrote called Anna, Kid Engineer. Encourage your child to be creative, inventive, and to not give up!

You can purchase the pdf ebook on my website, or you can purchase the physical book on Amazon.

STEM book for kids

Andre, Kid Aviator is the 2nd book in the STEM series for kids.  In Andre, Kid Aviator, the STEM Club Andre is a part of is presented with a problem.  Check out this book to see if the club is able to solve the problem.  Encourage your kids to be problem solvers!  You can purchase the ebook of Andre, Kid Aviator here.

The physical book of Andre, Kid Aviator is also available on Amazon.




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