Find What STEM Area Your Child Excels In And Let Them Explore

As parents, we have been given a very important job.  We are to train up our children in the right way.  We are in the process of training them to be adults one day. It is also very important to learn our children so that we give them opportunities to explore areas in which they are naturally drawn to or gifted in.

Explore STEM fields with your kids

Ideas If Your Child is Drawn to STEM areas

Future Biologist? If your child loves to animals, take them to zoos, animal museums, introduce them to biologists, or veterinarians.

Future Civil Engineer or Architect? If your child likes to build structures, let them play with LEGO ® blocks.  Let them help to put together items that you buy such as a desk or shelves. You can introduce them to mechanical and civil engineers or architects.  Let them volunteer to help to build a Habitat for Humanity House.

Future Chemist? If your child likes to mix things together and see what they can make, do lots of science experiments with them.  Have them try to make their own soap or another natural product.

Future Nutritionist? Is your child fascinated with what’s in food or just food in general?  Make your child aware of the nutritional labels on the back of food.  Let them research the nutritional benefits of different foods.  Let them help you cook and try to come up with recipes themselves.

Explore STEM fields with your kids

No matter what area you child is drawn to, find books for them about that area.

If you’d like to encourage your child to be innovative, creative, to use their imagination, and to tinker, I encourage you to check out a book I’ve written called Anna, Kid Engineer.

STEM book for kids Anna Kid Engineer

What To Include in an Inventor’s Box for Kids

Do you want some ideas of things you can include in an tinker/inventor’s box for your kids?  Check out my blog post where someone who graduated with an engineering degree names some things to include.  The word “engineer” is a very popular word in the STEM community.  Don’t just throw this word around though.  Really explain to your child the different types of jobs an engineer does.

My goal for my children is for them to end up choosing a career that is in the will of God, that they enjoy, and includes work that can be of service others.  Let’s give our children many opportunities to explore many different areas of interest.  We may be training a Pastor, Missionary, Engineer, Scientist, Teacher, Nurse, Carpenter, Electrician, or Homeschool Mom.  Let us enjoy this time we have with them.



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