Encourage STEM by Playing With Your Kids

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Let’s Play More With Our Kids

Do you want to encourage your kids to do more STEM activities?  Try playing with them and doing STEM activities with them during the play.  Recently, I tried to set aside some time to do some fun things with the kids.  One day, I decided we would do some LEGO ® building.  We did some free play with the LEGO ® blocks.  While my two older kids have played a lot with LEGO ® pieces, I have NOT….lol

Let Your Kids Teach You

During my building, my son helped me.  He went upstairs to bring down an example of something he had previously built to help me out.  Also, he showed me how to put a piece on that I was messing with.  He said, I’m teaching my momma, when it’s supposed to be the other way around.  I reminded him that I didn’t know everything and that he knew more about LEGO ® blocks than I did. As I continued to build, my son told me I was doing a good job already. ….lol  Now we did not play with these blocks for a long time, but you have to start somewhere.

Encourage STEM by playing with your kids

Try to take some time to just play with your kids.  I definitely do not do this enough.  Our kids grow up so fast.  These are precious times we have with them right now, so let’s make the most of it.  I believe that it can be a confidence booster to your kids when they get to teach you something. My husband has spent some extensive time playing with LEGO ® blocks with our son. One Saturday they spent quite a bit of time building cars out of the blocks.

How Things Work Book, A Childcraft Book

Another activity I did with my kids recently was to read to them out of the book How Things Work.  This is a Childcraft book that I borrowed from my parents’ house.  It’s one of the books I had in my home as a child.  I read to the children about force, inertia, how brakes on a bicycle work, and about friction.  In the friction section, it talked about how a paper helicopter uses the friction from the air.  The book suggested making a paper helicopter.

The book How Things Work gave instruction for building a paper helicopter.  I ended up going to Youtube to find a video about making a paper helicopter.   My son ended up decorating his helicopter.  After we had played with them for a little while, my son asked if he could go put up his toy.  Can you believe that he called a piece of paper with some tape on it a toy??!  Remember, you don’t always have to do elaborate things for your children to have fun .

What Are Some Simple Activities You Do With Your Kids?

Do you make it a habit to read bedtime stories with your kids? Do you have a favorite past time activity?  Do you enjoy going a certain place together.  In the comments below, let everyone know an inexpensive activity you and your kids enjoy doing together.

A way to encourage your kids to do STEM activities is to do the activities with them!

A List of More STEM Activities

Want More STEM Activities You Can Do with Your Kids?  Check out Get Your Kids Involved in STEM Activities.

Encourage Your Child to be a STEM Problem Solver with STEM books

Do you want to encourage your kids to be little inventors?  Check out the first book in a kids’ fictional STEM series that I wrote called Anna, Kid Engineer. Encourage your child to be creative, inventive, and to not give up!

You can purchase the pdf ebook on my website, or you can purchase the physical book on Amazon.

STEM book for kids

Andre, Kid Aviator is the 2nd book in the STEM series for kids.  In Andre, Kid Aviator, the STEM Club Andre is a part of is presented with a problem.  Check out this book to see if the club is able to solve the problem.  Encourage your kids to be problem solvers!  You can purchase the ebook of Andre, Kid Aviator here.

The physical book of Andre, Kid Aviator is also available on Amazon.



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