Learning Turtle for Kids

We can draw 2-dimensional graphics in python using a module in Python called turtle.  To see more  documentation about Turtle visit this website.   Step 1: To start using the module type: import [...]

Intro to Python Day 4 Older Kids

What if within a single comparison we want to check to see that more than one thing is true or we want to check that at least one thing is true?  First, we’ll talk about the logical [...]

Intro to Python Day 3 for Older Kids

Case sensitivity can cause a problem: Suppose we want to ask the user what his destination is when he is at the airport.  Based on his answer we want to tell him he is at the wrong gate or not.  [...]

Introduction to Python lesson 3

Are you a kid who wants to learn how to code in python.  Check out my blog posts about introductory concepts in python.  If you haven’t read the first two lessons, start there.   You can [...]