STEM book for kids: Bedtime Math

STEM Book for Kids: Bedtime Math

My kids really enjoyed having me read stories out of the book Bedtime Math.  My daughter LOVES learning intriguing new facts so this book is right up her ally.  My son enjoyed the book as well as the stories are very interesting.

It’s very nice that after each story, there’s a math question.  The REALLY nice thing though is that is asks 3 different math questions, one for wee kids, one for little kids, and one for big kids so kids of all ranges can be involved in the question answering.

My son wanted me to read the whole book at one time, but the book is rather long, over 80 pages long.  I think that’s a nice feature though so you can read several stories in one night and still have new stories to read the next night.

The illustrations are very nice and help to add to the fun factor of this book.

STEM Book for kids: Bedtime Math

My Kids’ Rating of this Book

My 9 year old daughter gives this book 5 stars because she finds it funny and she gets to learn new interesting facts.  In her opinion, you mostly forget that you are learning because the book is so fun.

My 6 year old son also really enjoyed the stories he heard from this book.

STEM Book for kids: Bedtime Math

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