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I am excited to tell you about a fictional STEM book for kids that I have written called Anna, Kid Engineer.  It’s about a little girl in 5th grade who doesn’t know what she’s going to do for her science fair project.  She’s not excited about the upcoming event because of the embarrassing projects she has come up with in the past.  Anna likes to visit yard sales and create new things using old toys.  However, she doesn’t totally understand what her tinkering has to do with a science fair project.

Check out the book Anna, Kid Engineer to find out if Anna’s project turns out to be a flop, amazing, or somewhere in between!

Tinker with JOY

A goal for my children is to teach them to Tinker with JOY.  What that means to me is to teach them to create and invent things to glorify JESUS First, to help Others Second, and lastly for Themselves.  I want my children to have an amazing time creating, being innovative, and just having fun.  However, I want to train them that the ultimate goal of what they do should be to glorify God and that they should seek to learn to do things so that they may be of service to others.

Fun Facts Written by a Senior Aerospace Engineering Major

Would you like some fun engineering facts to inspire you kids and to get some creative juices flowing?  I commissioned a senior aerospace engineering major to write some fun engineering facts.  For example, did you know that aluminum foil makes a better glider than a paper airplane?  Try it out and SEE.  Be sure to get more fun facts by signing up below!


BE Sure to Check out the fictional STEM book Anna, Kid Engineer.  It is available in several formats:  a physical book and an electronic book.

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