Add Some Fun to Multiplication Math Practice this Summer

This school year was your child working on learning math facts such as his addition facts or multiplication facts? Did he master them? Take some time this summer to continue practicing your child’s math facts.  Try to add some fun to the math practicing.

Doing Timed Drills With Your Child

My son is 8 years old and finishing up 2nd grade. We have spent time going over his multiplication facts while also continuing to review addition and subtraction.  One of my favorite ways to have him practice is by doing drills.

To do Drills with your child, you can pick for example 10 facts.  Then time your child.  Regularly have your child take the drill test. The goal is for the child to get faster and faster, so that he is racing against himself.  Keep a record of the child’s times, and use any progress to try to encourage the child.  You can change up the order of the 10 facts so that child isn’t memorizing for example that the first answer is a certain number.  Go over with the child those facts that he missed. You can maybe have him write those facts that he missed a few times or you can verbally go over them with him.

Try an Activity Math Mat that Adds Some Fun

Have your kids ever worked on one of those activity kid’s menus while waiting at a restaurant? Cool idea right? Well, try one of my upcoming math activity mats! Do you want your kids to regularly practice their math facts, AND you’d really like it if some fun could be intertwined with practicing the facts? Give my activity mats a try.

The sheets don’t have to be practiced daily, but try to consistently do something with the child on a regular basis.  I am working with an illustrator to create practice sheets.

I am excited to roll out this line of practice sheets.  Here’s a preview of what’s to come!  Stay tuned!

multiplication practice for kids

Add Some Character Training

The plan is that on each mat there will be a saying, such as “Today is a good day to work hard.” Use these mats to incorporate some character training!

Summer Math Practice

The summer can be a great time to incorporate some regular math practice. Hopefully your child has less going on than during the regular year, so this can be a great time to focus on mastering his math facts.

Be Consistent

To help your child to learn his math facts, a piece of advice I have is to be CONSISTENT.  Try having him practice 4 or 5 days a week at least.  Not being consistent can cause your child to lose ground.  Even if it means sometimes calling facts out to the child while riding in the car, try to consistently go over some math facts with your child.

If it would overwhelm your child to memorize a lot of facts, try to give him just a handful of problems to work on. For example, you could give him just five math facts to work on during the week. You could even let him pick which five problems he wants to work on. Then everyday (maybe give him the weekend off) in some way go over the problems.


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