You believe that your child has holes in his math education but you’re not sure what those holes are?

You want to show your child that you DO use math in REAL life?

What can you expect from me:

  • I’m here to give you suggestions on possible holes in your child’s math education.  If you want your child to do well in higher levels of math, it is crucial that he has a solid foundation that does NOT have lots of holes in it.
  • It’s important that children realize that they will be using math in REAL LIFE!  Entrepreneurship is an area that uses math. I will be interviewing entrepreneurs and sharing their advice, and I will also be FEATURING kid entrepreneurs on my website.

How being good at math has affected my life:

As a child, math was not my favorite subject. In high school, my favorite subject was history, and I used to love to read historical fiction books, but I was blessed in that I was good in math as well.  When I went to college, I double majored in Political Science and Math. I planned to go to law school, but I decided to add Math as a second major since I was naturally good at it. My junior year of college, though, I decided that law school was not for me, and later decided to go to graduate school in Statistics.

Fast forward many years later, after my husband and I decided that it was better for our family if I was primarily a stay at home mom, being good at math has afforded me many opportunities in instances when I needed to work a little. I’ve seen how being good in math, can be such a blessing, even if it’s not the subject you love the most. So now I am tremendously grateful that I majored in Math.

Here’s a little about my background, and why all this talk about math?

Let me preface talking more about my background with saying that I’ve learned it doesn’t matter how smart you are if what you’re doing isn’t for the glory of God.  God has gifted each of us, and we are to use those gifts for HIS glory.  Me being “smart” in math doesn’t make me any better than anyone else.  I certainly have MUCH to learn from others.  Math is a tool that can be used for the advancement of God’s kingdom.  So please don’t take the following as me bragging.  I’m sorry if it seems that I am bragging, but it is important to know a little about someone who is giving you math advice….lol. But best believe that me doing well in math has been by the GRACE OF GOD!

So, when I was a child, my Dad prayed that my sister, brother, and I would be smart (…haha). It’s true!  You may ask, why in the world did he pray that? Well, he grew up poor, and he came to realize how valuable education was.

He knew how hard he had to struggle because he did not have the best education, and he didn’t want his kids to experience the same struggles. My dad was the only child of 6 to go to college, but he wanted his children to realize long before they got to college the importance of a good education. God has been very gracious indeed to our family.

My sister received a Master’s degree in Chemistry from Wake Forest University, and she works at a Science educational company, helping to develop educational science activities for kids.

My brother attended MIT and received a degree in mechanical engineering and later finished a degree in law. He now is a Patent Lawyer.

I have a PhD in Statistics and a BS in Math and Political Science (whew that was by God’s Grace and Mercy). Oh, and did I mention that my mom taught high school math for about 25 years. I still call her with Geometry questions!

After deciding to go to graduate school in Statistics, my plans were to be a college professor, but boy oh boy did those plans get changed! While in graduate school, I married the love of my life, Andre. While still working on my degree, I took my first full-time “adult” job working at a community college. During the time that I was working on this job, Andre and I decided that it was best for our family if I stayed at home with our daughter Annaliese who was only one at the time. So after I completed my contract with the college for the school year, I began my journey as a stay at home mom.  Fortunately, I had no student loan debt (Graduate school was almost entirely free!), so it was easier for us to make this decision.

My Kids are My Four Little Cups

Later, my husband and I decided to start homeschooling. I believe that one of the most important things I will ever do is to homeschool our children. There is so much opportunity to instruct our children and to pour into them awesome things. I have been blessed with Four Little Cups!  My four little cups are Annaliese (age 11), Andre` (age 7), and Abigail (age 4), and Aviela (age 7 months). Oh, how I love them! My desire is to pour a Love of God into them, a desire to help others, and to foster a love of learning.

So if you’ve been TRYING to figure out what holes are in your child’s math education and you want to show her that in real life, math is used.  Stick around!

Together, let’s pour into our little cups. It’s going to be fun!!